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The Novalung Interventional Lung Assist (iLA) device is a membrane ventilator that allows for oxygen and carbon dioxide gas exchange to occur by simple diffusion. It has been used in patients with severe acute lung failure due to ARDS, inhalation injury, severe pneumonia, chest injury, foreign body aspiration, and after thoracic surgical interventions. The concept of “protective ventilation” was described decades ago, but with the introduction of extracorporeal ventilation devices such as the Novalung it may reach new dimensions. It potentially helps to avoid or reduce ventilator associated lung injury and remote secondary organ failure, which is related to injurious mechanical ventilation.
iLA activve® System Extrapulmonary blood flow: As high as necessary – as low as possible. The iLA activve® System consists of modular components that are perfectly matched. Four different highly effective Membrane Ventilators are available to meet patient-specific needs, as well as an optional connection to the NovaTherm® Heater/Cooler system, providing the appropriate configuration for any situation. For a broad spectrum of indications and applications – for new-born infants through to adults. From efficient removal of carbon dioxide to complete oxygenation. With the safety of a closed system.
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