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Spencer has been inventing solutions for emergency services since 1989. Our research and development has its roots in the dynamic world of EMS today and we strive with passion to offer answers to the delicate necessities of rescue respecting high standards of quality. Today a range of 1700 Spencer products are being used all around the world by cutting edge clients.
Spineboards and accessories In the world of emergency care, it is of great importance to optimize stocking space and to satisfy all requests for ergonomically advanced rescue equipment. Optimizing space and performance is the line Spencer drew on when introducing the new Tango. A new design that brings together solidity, dynamics, space and performance and at the same time sets a new standard for high performance spine boards.
The creative process of Spectar was based on two main points: the desire to invest in this sector and a new and multi- disciplined approach in the research. This has permitted us to create and produce a collar, that can be composed in various schemes; each element makes the most of its possibility to aggregate and generate unusual forms, to offer
Splints A handy system created by Spencer to immobilize joints effectively and simply. The Blue Splint immobilization system, made in five shapes, has changed its way of treating fractured or sprained joints. All splints can be modelled according to the necessity of each case and once obtained the desired profile, the splint will offer extraordinary rigidity. To align the splint in a straight position it is
Vacuum mattress Finally the problem of stocking vacuum mattresses is solved. If used on one side the Combimatt is a soft mattress for stretchers, if used on the other side it is an excellent vacuum mattress with longitudinal canals containing the air chambers. Used as a mattress for stretcher
Extrication and accessories Spencer Extrication Device is an instrument for extrication and spine immobilization, ideal for all emergency situations. Particularly suitable for victims blocked in vehicles, collapsed buildings and disaster scenes. It can also be used with pregnant women, children and babies. It is ideal for the immobilization of the hip and pelvis fractures.
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