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MET is a medical device distributor and service support provider since 2000, following ISO13485 guidelines. Our support includes other brands, under agreement on behalf of the OEM / Distributors, either direct or indirect to the end customer. We operate nationally including sub-Saharan and northern Africa countries. Products distributed and supported are from well known manufacturers covering most device categories in EMS and in-Hospital equipment (including historical) such as, but not limited to; RDT (Remote Diagnostic Technologies) EMS monitoring and defibrillation. Spencer Italia Srl EMS equipment FIAB disposables Infinium in-hospital patient monitoring and theatre equipment Novalung Perfusion Sophysa Intra Cranial Pressure monitoring Biotronic External Pace Generators Medtronic (Covidien) External Pace Generators, Cardiac Surgery devices, Respiratory care. Accessories AED and Defibrillator/Monitors Anaesthesia Delivery Autologous Blood Recovery Cardiac Rhythm Temporary Pace Generators CPR Assist Devices EMS and Hospital/Theatre Equipment Extracorporeal Blood Pumps Imaging - EMS Ultrasound Infant Incubators Infusion devices Monitor  - Airway/Gas, EMS, Multi Parameter Patient and Vital signs Medical Informatics Respiratory Care - Oxygen Therapy / Transport/ICU ventilators All enquiries are welcome, from specific device support requirements, installations to engineering standards. We strive unreservedly for the greatest possible reliability and quality available products and support. Our aim is to be recognized as a company of dedication, honesty, integrity, and service.
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