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EMS/Rescue Transport Systems
Spencer has been inventing solutions for emergency services since 1989. Our research and development has its roots in the dynamic world of EMS today and we strive with passion to offer answers to the delicate necessities of rescue respecting high standards of quality. Today a range of 1700 Spencer products are being used all around the world by cutting edge clients.
The Cross Ambulance self loading stretchers with variable heights,dynamic contours and supple design. A development of constant research and experiments. A new concept of the stretcher: a reliable partner offering maximum comfort to the patient along with all the ergonomic and functional requirements of the operator. A certified product. A concentrate of safety and technology.
Essential, streamlined and at the same time demonstrating a unique personality, Boston Pro is the fruit of an in-depth study of ergonomics and of perfect man-equipment integration able to guarantee a comfortable and safe position for both the operator and the patient, especially on long journeys. Boston is strong, technically evolved and is ergonomic in its shape, thanks to an unprecedented method of construction. It has been improved, redefined and made with a technologically advanced light alloy which produces a functional and ideal framework.
Spencer 4BELL represents the evolution of the concept of evacuation. It offers maximum comfort and an ideal usability for both operators and the patient. Rescuers will find absolutely innovative steps in this device that will effectively help you in evacuation and emergency procedures, minimizing effort and the margin of error. Spencer 4 BELL is 4 times revolutionary for the world of emergency.
Transfer sheets and stretcher accessories. For excellence, quality, hard work and love for details are necessary. With this craftsmanship we are able to achieve the perfection that distinguishes our Hirvin injury transportation sheets. Scrupulous controls guarantee that every sheet responds to high standards of quality. In fact the Spencer logo is a worldwide symbol of high quality. During the realisation of the Hirvin injury transportation sheets a lot of attention was given mainly to the
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