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Tempus Pro provides all the integrated features and capabilities expected in a market-leading vital signs monitor with unmatched durability, daylight readable display, long battery life, intuitive interface and a glove-friendly touch screen that enables ease of use for both advanced and basic life support paramedics and emergency practitioners. The additional ability to easily document and share all patient data electronically ensures that all care givers have accurate information on patient injuries, therapies, trended vital signs, drugs and fluids that can be handed over, or sent ahead via ReachBak™, ahead of the patient arriving at hospital. With the ability to add advanced capabilities post purchase, the platform is designed to be scalable to accommodate immediate and evolving budgets. This way Tempus Pro enables users to perform whole new diagnostic process on patients using the same battery and display already being carried. This flexibility and scalability enables you to leverage the most from your pre-hospital monitor investment.
AED/Defibrillator/Monitor System
RDT specialise in the design and manufacture of medical devices, including pre-hospital care vital signs monitors with parameters such as 12lead ecg, SpO2/Co/Hb/Meth, EtCo2, NIBP, IP, Temp. and telemedicine capable. Specialist technologies include compact and highly integrated vital signs monitors for both medical professional and non-medically trained users, as well as intermittent users. The award-winning Tempus system provides innovative, easy to use and reliable medical device solutions to help manage medical incidents for the military, civilian pre-hospital care market and other remote and challenging locations.
Tempus Pro Brochure
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Tempus ALS Brochure Tempus ALS Specifications
Tempus Pro™ is more than just a monitor™ and has been developed with significant input from key military customers. It is a lightweight, compact, robust fully-featured best-in-class monitor that uniquely offers multiple new capability sets, including integrated patient record (i.e. TCCC card) data collection & sharing on the same core monitor.
When in remote and challenging locations and hours away from quality medical help, Tempus IC ™ enables a non-medical person to obtain and transmit a sick or injured person’s vital signs to trusted medical support for treatment advice and a diagnostic impression. It is the only device specifically designed for this purpose and able to do this reliably along with pictures and a voice link, enabling access to expert support that allows you to control the medical emergency.
Tempus Pro™ is a new concept in vital signs monitoring that sets a new precedent in pre-hospital patient care. Delivering all the integrated features and capabilities of a world class vital signs monitor, it is revolutionary in size, weight, robustness, battery life and management, telemedicine capability and ease of use. Tempus Pro™ is an advanced vital signs monitor that places the needs of the pre- hospital care professional at the heart of its design. It is ground-breaking in size, weight, ruggedness, functionality, ease of use, flexibility and scalability. It also offers patient record data collection and sharing and real time reach back.
Tempus ALS - Defibrillation Monitoring Reinvented RDT is unveiling a new, cutting edge approach to defibrillation monitoring for the pre-hospital and medical transportation market. Tempus ALS™ offers the benefits of a fully ERC-compliant defibrillator with an advanced monitor in a small, lightweight and compact package. Its market-leading robustness, small size, low weight and flexible configuration provide unparalleled choices on how pre-hospital equipment is deployed and operated. This all adds up to you being able to carry less but to do more and work smarter.
Tempus ALS Video AED/Defibrillator/Monitor