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Transport Ventilation / Resuscitation
Spencer has been inventing solutions for emergency services since 1989. Our research and development has its roots in the dynamic world of EMS today and we strive with passion to offer answers to the delicate necessities of rescue respecting high standards of quality. Today a range of 1700 Spencer products are being used all around the world by cutting edge clients.
Made and structured to contain a pulmonary ventilator, 2 L oxygen tank and all that is necessary for ventilation management. The ventilator is fixed to an aluminium carrying panel. Flexible: because everything has a space. Modular: to adapt to your needs
The resuscitators are made of PVC and for this reason they can be stored in a compressed form and return to their normal shape as soon as needed for use. The unequalled moulding technique allows calibrated thickness of the bag, improving the grip for the operator an
Spencer transparent face masks are ideal for use with all types of manual or automatic resuscitator. The structure is modelled anatomically and ergonomically to guarantee a perfect fit to the patient's face and an optimum grip for the operator. The shell is produced in polysulphonate or polycarbonate and has an optimum grip even for small hands. The inflatable cushion is made of silicone and does not deflate
These cases are destined for special uses because they are developed to resist to shocks, water, corrosives, dust and environmental circumstances. Made out of a heat-shaped polyethylene copolymer which makes them extremely resistant to shocks. One of the most important characteristics is the complete resistance to water (they even float), guaranteed by the neoprene packing, the manual pressure valve, high resistance to chemicals and the possibility to adopt special
Designed by R. Macintosh in 1941, it's the most popular blade for the intubation of adult patients in normal conditions. The blade's curved shape allows sliding of the tip in the vallecula position and the wide flange helps keeping the tongue a side during intubation.
Accessories and other Made of transparent polycarbonate (in the autoclavable version). The special anchorage allows positioning of the PEEP valve at 360 ° to improve the operator's position. The range goes from 0 to 10 cm H2O. The PEEP valve
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